Best Custom Polyester Nylon Flags for Indoor and Outdoor

Tailored flags serve as a potent promotional asset, leveraging vibrant hues and dynamic motion to captivate attention and enhance visibility. Various printing techniques are available for customization, such as digital printing (water printing on nylon), screen printing, and dye sublimation printing. At Golden Mouth Advertising Factory, we opt for either screen printing or digital printing on 200/210D nylon or knitted polyester, selecting the material and printing method based on client budget, artwork specifications, and flag quantity requirements. While we do employ the sublimation printing method, its limited ink penetration makes it more suitable for alternative fabric printing endeavors such as custom backdrops and table covers. For Custom Printed Flag ,we usually use digital printing ,this way ,the price is the cheapest one .








We provide a choice between two fabric options for personalized flags: 200D nylon and knitted polyester. Nylon represents a high-quality selection, ensuring exceptional durability and superior color penetration (with 95% bleed-through onto the reverse side). On the other hand, knitted polyester presents a more budget-friendly alternative, delivering excellent print quality with approximately 70% bleed-through onto the reverse side.

We also can provide double sided printed on the knitted fabric ,the two sides will be the same printed color ,just the logo will be mirror effect . This is our factory’s special printing method with very cheap price .

 Custom Polyester Nylon Flags
Custom Polyester Nylon Flags

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Flag Finishing Options

We provide several standard finishing choices, including rope and toggle, grommets, or a sleeve. When it comes to nylon flags, clients can select from rope and toggle, grommets, or a sleeve. However, for knitted polyester flags, the available options are limited to grommets or a sleeve. Both the rope and toggle and grommet flags are meticulously sewn with a reinforced header to ensure durability.

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