Trade Show Table Throw with Serged Closed & Custom Printing

At our company, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable trade show table throws to businesses and organizations of all sizes. We understand the importance of making a strong impression at trade shows and exhibitions, and we are committed to helping our customers do just that. Our team of professional printers uses a full dye-sublimation process to ensure that our table throws are vibrant, eye-catching, and fully customizable. Whether you need a table cover for a trade show, a tablecloth for a special exhibition, or any other type of table throw, we have the products you need at the speed you require.
Our factory offers a wide range of trade show table throws, including stretch covers, 3 and 4-sided covers, runners, and much more. We even offer table throws that are designed to complement your business or organization’s color scheme. And if you don’t have a logo, that’s not a problem! We can create a custom design for you that will help to promote your brand and attract new customers.
We offer a 24-hour turnaround time on all of our trade show table throws, ensuring that you can get the products you need when you need them. And for added convenience, we ship all of our products on the next business day after purchase. So whether you need a single table throw or a large order for an upcoming event, we have the products and services you need to succeed.


Trade Show Table Throw is a type of table cover that is specifically designed for use at trade shows, exhibitions, and other similar events. These table covers are typically made of high-quality, durable materials such as polyester or cotton, and are designed to fit over the top of standard trade show tables in order to create a professional and cohesive look.
Trade Show Table Throws are an essential tool for any business looking to make a strong impression at trade shows and other marketing events. By covering the table with a branded table throw, businesses can create a cohesive and professional look that will help to draw the attention of potential customers and partners. Trade Show Table Throws can also help to protect the table from spills and other damage, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition for the duration of the event.
There are many different types of Trade Show Table Throws available on the market, including full-color printed table throws, dye-sublimated table throws, and solid-color table throws. Businesses can choose the type of table throw that best suits their needs and budget, and can even customize the design of the table throw to include their company logo and branding.
Overall, a Trade Show Table Throw is a simple but effective marketing tool that can help businesses to make a strong impression at trade shows and other marketing events. Whether you are a small business looking to attract new customers or a large corporation looking to build brand awareness, a Trade Show Table Throw can be a valuable addition to your marketing toolkit.


If you need custom table runners that are tailored to fit your specific needs, we offer four size options to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Our table runners are made from fire-retardant white polyester, which makes them safe to use in a variety of settings and also easy to clean and maintain as they are machine-washable.
In terms of printing options, we offer both all-over and limited printing to suit your specific needs. Our table runners feature vivid, full-color printing that is sure to make a statement and grab the attention of those around you. Whether you’re using them to promote your business or simply add a touch of decor to your table, these custom table runners are a versatile and effective choice.


Materials Options
1. Woven polyester
4 oz. woven polyester
3- or 4-sided printing available
Limited & all-over printing options

2. Recycled Polyester
100% Post-Consumer Recycled
6.87 oz recycled polyester
3-or 4-sided printing available
Limited & all-over printing options

3. Fitted Polyester
4 oz. polyester with a snug fit
4-sided printing
All-over printing area

4. Wrinkle Resistant Polyester
6.5 oz wrinkle-resistant polyester
4-sided printing
All-over printing area

Shapes Options
1. 3-Sided Shape
Easy, under-table storage
Extra room for chairs
Best for: Setting up against a wall

2. 4-Sided Shape
Look polished & professional
Get seen from all angles
Best for: Tradeshows & events

Printing Option
1. All-Over Print
Unlimited, full-color print area
Fully customizable background

2. Limited Print
Center-front print area
Crisp, white background


Frequently asked questions and answers

Generally speaking, there are two sizes in stock, but we can customize any other sizes based on your requirements.
Limited Printing: 24″ = 20″ x 17″ 30″ = 26″ x 17″ 36″ = 32″ x 17″ 60″ = 50″ x 17″
All-Over Printing: 24″ = 24″ x 84″ 30″ = 30″ x 84″ 36″ = 36″ x 84″ 60″ = 60″ x 84″

Yes. To clean, dry, and prep your item, follow these three easy steps:
Washing: Set your washing machine to the delicate cycle and use cold water.
Drying: Tumble dry on the low setting in your dryer, or hang to air dry.
Steaming: If desired, use a steamer to remove any small wrinkles.

Yes, you can customize the dimension based on your requirements.

If you want to really make your table design stand out, one simple but effective technique is to add a blank tablecloth underneath your table runner. Choosing the right color or pattern for the tablecloth can enhance the overall aesthetic of your table and bring a cohesive look to your décor. Placing a tablecloth under your runner can also protect your table surface and make it easier to clean up after meals or events. So, if you want to add an extra touch of style and practicality to your table setting, consider layering a tablecloth beneath your runner.

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