Expert Advice on Selecting the Perfectly Sized Custom Canopy Tent: 3 Insider Tips

Trade show and convention industry experts predict a bustling 2023 as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes and China's manufacturing and maritime shipping sectors resume normal operations. This translates into a busy year for trade show organizers and an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to expand their brand's reach and market their products and services.

At our factory, we’ve noticed a surge in demand for outdoor canopy tents and other trade show display solutions, and organizers report an increase in attendance by individuals who want to make personal connections with brands. If you plan on participating in trade shows and festivals, our factory is ready to provide custom event tents and pop-up canopies tailored to your space and display needs, highlighting your brand and attracting your target audience. We offer a variety of customization options, including accessories, high-quality printing, durable materials, and expert advice to ensure a successful trade show experience. With that said, we’d like to share three tips for selecting the right size tent:

1. Choose from Three Popular Sizes: Tips for Selecting the Perfect Canopy Tent Size

Our canopy and tent sizes are in line with industry standards for trade shows. Typically, when you register for an expo, festival, or business conference that allows tents, you’ll find that the following sizes are acceptable:

Opting for the 10x sizes offers several benefits. First, they can be customized and prepared in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, the cost is proportional, but canopy solutions that have at least one side measuring 10 feet require less production time. The majority of trade shows and festivals use rectangular layouts with sides measuring at least 10 feet facing visitors.

Custom Canopy Tents in the Popular 10x10 Size

You may have noticed Lush Banners’ popular item at both indoor and outdoor events. While not excessively large, this canopy tent comfortably fits a table and several chairs for visitors.

Custom Canopy Tents in the Sought-After 10x15 Size

While the 10×10 tent is typically sufficient for most trade show scenarios, the 10×15 alternative offers additional front-facing space that can be enhanced with vibrant graphics for a greater branding impact. Along with a table, you can also accommodate a pair of vertical freestanding banners on each side.

Customizable Canopy Tent in 10x20 Size with Sidewalls

The 10×20 canopy tent is the most expansive of the three common sizes, frequently requested by exhibitors at outdoor gatherings such as festivals. As a perfectly proportioned rectangle with the 20-ft side oriented toward visitors, it offers an excellent opportunity to make your branding shine, while accommodating two tables and extra chairs for workshops.

Alternative Sizes for Trade Show Canopies

Trade show events may allocate spaces suitable for 5×5 or 6×6 tents based on their setup arrangements. Moreover, indoor conventions may offer exhibitors the choice between booths and canopies. Trade show canopies of any size usually offer better prospects to display full-color branding than standard booths, and their smaller sizes make them easier to store, transport, and install.
In case you are given a 10-ft trade show tent, you can confirm with the organizers whether they allow setting up an 8×8 canopy. This alternative provides additional space to display vertical banners, stands, or feather flags.
Our most extensive and robust outdoor canopy tent is the 20×20, which is ideal for events expecting high attendance such as festivals. This type of canopy is often seen at car expos or county fairs, and it can fit vehicles, machinery, counters, and even a full living room set if needed. While our basic 20×20 tent packages come with complete branding and installation, you can also incorporate accessories like side panels, banners, LED lighting, and more.

Using Bigger Or Multiple Tents Is A Practical Choice

Many of our customers who began with smaller tents have returned to acquire larger canopies or add-ons, especially after participating in highly profitable trade shows or conventions. For this season, opting for the largest canopy size to occupy the assigned space is highly recommended. Moreover, you may consider purchasing multiple canopies and join them together with accessories as required. It is vital to prepare for more extensive trade show spaces as your business grows and expands, provided your budget permits it.

Connectors for Canopy Frames

As mentioned before, your business may eventually require a larger trade show space, especially after exhibiting several times. It may be more practical to expand your current canopy capacity than to replace your initial branded tent. Hexagonal frame connectors are a small investment that can unlock trade show possibilities. These connectors effortlessly fasten to the tent frame legs, enabling you to expand or reconfigure the canopy footprint. For instance, suppose you have a 10×10 tent, but your new expo area can accommodate a 20-ft canopy. In that case, a set of frame connectors would permit you to attach another 10×10 tent to the existing one.

Trade Show Canopy Accessories

Our catalog offers various accessories that can make your trade show experience more efficient. From carrying cases with wheels to sandbags for extra support and from branded side panels to rails, our canopy accessories are designed to make your life easier by letting you focus on interacting with visitors.

Accessories for Trade Show Canopies

Our collection comprises multiple trade show accessories that can optimize your experience. From wheeled carrying cases to sandbags for additional support, and from customized side panels to rails, our canopy accessories are intended to simplify your life by enabling you to engage with visitors better.

Discover Trade Show Canopies from Our Factory

Our factory offers everything your business requires to participate in trade shows. Our products are suitable for any occasion, whether you need to establish a small booth for a job fair or a large canopy for a music festival. We provide multiple display solutions that can be entirely personalized to your brand.


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