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The difference between ordinary transparent stickers and transfer stickers?

The difference between common clear sticker and custom transfer stickers . The different cost and different material ,different printing method .

Table of Contents

  • Ordinary transparent stickers have waterproof materials and ink and non-waterproof materials, so they can be used outdoors and indoors
  • The transparent background film on the surface of ordinary transparent stickers will remain on the product
  • Transparent stickers can be cut into any shape, but the transparent film will remain on the surface of the product along with the picture.
  • Relatively speaking, the price of transparent film is cheaper than that of transfer stickers. The larger the quantity, the cheaper it is.
  • The material of the transparent sticker is VINYL
  • Transparent stickers can be printed in any CMYK colors including white
  • As the name suggests, transfer stickers use transparent films to transfer images to the surface of a product.That transparent film will not remain on the product。
  • Transfer stickers are waterproof and scratch-proof
  • Both gold and silver can be used as transfer stickers
  • The cost of transfer stickers is higher than that of ordinary transparent stickers
  • we have uv dtf transfer stickers and metal transfer stickers to choose 
  • The image printed by transfer printing has a three-dimensional 3D effect, which looks like it can make your brand more upscale. It is mainly used to display your LOGO.Transparent stickers are mainly used to display content such as instructions with a lot of text.
  • If you want to display a lot of text or complex pictures, we recommend that you use transparent stickers, because transfer stickers will be difficult to transfer.
  • If your LOGO is simply within 28*42CM, I suggest you use transfer stickers. Transfer stickers can make your LOGO higher grade.
  • If your printed graphic is going to be exposed outdoors for a long time, such as on a car window or a glass door in a store, then I suggest you use a transparent sticker, which will have better waterproof and sunscreen effects.

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