Tukkumyynti räätälöity katosteltta parhaaseen hintaan

Our factory provides variety of printed canopy tent ,the printed canopy top and side walls will be printed with silk screen printing (for simple logo) and full color with dye sublimation printing .

Different tent frame to choose ,such as 30 mm aluminum tent frame , 40 mm hexagonal aluminum tent frame and 50 mm heavy duty tent frame .

Our frame quality is very durable and can be used years indoor&outdoor , so you just need to replace the printed top or side walls for your different exhibitions .

Each tent will come with 600 D fabric carry bag with wheels ,this is free for you . It makes it is easy to carry bag heavy tent and storage them.

The Advantage of Our Factory

  • We are a production factory, eliminating a lot of middlemen prices
  • We can quote quickly and save a lot of communication costs and design costs.
  • Not only do we produce our own tent brackets / frames, we also do our own dye sublimation printing, so if you buy the entire set from us, the price is very advantageous.
  • Fast and free design service, which also saves you money
  • Different qualities to meet your different needs, but we mainly sell 40 mm  and 50 MM brackets / tent frame
  • For the fabric ,we also have different quality to choose ,such as 420 D fabric , 600 D fireproof fabric .
  • In order to save money. we can send the heavy frames by ocean ,and the printed wall and top will be shipped by air ,we can provide very cheap shipping cost.
  • We are one of the suppliers of SUZUKI Brand ,so we have rich experience to do the famous brand logo printed goods .

Common Size

The common size of the custom canopy tent we have :

Tukkumyynti räätälöity katosteltta parhaaseen hintaan
Tukkumyynti räätälöity katosteltta parhaaseen hintaan

Different Tent Frame

Tukkumyynti räätälöity katosteltta parhaaseen hintaan
Tukkumyynti räätälöity katosteltta parhaaseen hintaan

How to make the design

We can provide the template to design if you need for different canopy tent .

If you have no the final artwork ,we also can do the final proof for your approval ,you just need to tell us your requirement and the vector file of your logo and the graphic that you want to print on the fabric .

Please contact with us for fast design service .


Tukkumyynti räätälöity katosteltta
Tukkumyynti räätälöity katosteltta

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