Guidelines for Setting up and Maintaining Rectangular Flags

Utilizing Rectangle Flags is an exceptional and budget-friendly strategy to advertise your enterprise. Below are a few pointers to help you erect your Rectangle Flag and maintain its fabric banner.


It will only take a few minutes to put together your rectangle beach flag.
To start, unpack the poles and construct the flagpole by connecting the individual pole pieces. Begin with the upright poles, arranging them from largest to smallest, by inserting one end of the poles into the other and pushing them together. Then, attach the horizontal pole (which has a right angle bend) to the top of the upright pole.
Now that the pole has been assembled, it is time to attach the Rectangle Flag. Begin by inserting the end of the horizontal pole into the bottom rod pocket of the banner and pulling the banner all the way along the horizontal pole, then around the right angle bend, and finally down the length of the upright pole. Continue pushing the pole and pulling the banner until the banner can no longer move.
Next, attach the fabric loop located at the bottom of your flag to the hook on the locking mechanism. Slide the locking mechanism to tighten your Rectangle Flag and then twist the butterfly screw to secure the locking mechanism.
Once your flag base is in the correct position, insert the bottom of the pole into the spindle on the base. Your Rectangle Flag is now assembled and ready to use.


Your Rectangle Flag will be delivered to you neatly folded, but it may have some creases. These creases will naturally disappear over time when the flag is used outdoors. However, if you wish to remove the creases quickly, the most effective way is to use a steamer. Alternatively, a warm iron can be used as long as you place an ironing cloth between the banner and the iron.
If your Rectangle Flag becomes dirty, you can clean it by using a damp cloth and cold water. If you prefer, you can also wash it in a washing machine using a gentle cycle with cold water, but do not use any detergents or bleach.
Even though the Rectangle Flag is designed for outdoor use and is very durable, we advise you not to use it outside during extreme weather conditions to prevent any potential damage.

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