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How to choose UV Transfer Label Or Metallic Transfer Sticker?

This article is to tell people what is the difference between custom uv transfer label and metallic transfer label ,we are the factory to provide fastest turnaround and best price!


One of the foremost advantages of logo decals lies in their capacity to enhance brand awareness. The greater the exposure of your brand name and emblem, the more likely it is to become ingrained in the consciousness of consumers. You can show your logo on almost all products you want  , such as on package of your product , on paper carry bag of product , on shelves, on glass, on promotional products and so on . The cost is also really really very cheap .Our factory mainly do three kinds of transfer labels , vinyl die cutting vinyl sticker , uv transfer label and metallic transfer label.

Here we just discuss the last two different transfer labels .


  • The largest size we can print is A3(30*42CM)
  • MOQ: 1 sheet 
  • We can print many different logo in the sheet material
  • Any full colors can be printed including gradient color,but we won’t match the Pantone color 
  • Waterproof and scratch proof 
  • With Strong Adhesive 
  • Hot stamping gold and silver  transfer stickers can also be made,they just look like metallic ,but not metallic .
  • Custom UV transfer label ‘s cost is cheaper than metallic transfer label. The sample cost is also cheaper 
  • As long as the surface is flat and clean, our transfer stickers can be applied
  • The material is vinyl with transparent transfer film
  • MOQ: 1 Sheet (17*30 cm )
  • The largest size we can do is 17*30 cm 
  • For sample ,we suggest to one kind logo on the same sheet ,it will be cheaper and we can do the semi cutting .
  • Material : metal nickel
  • Thickness of the finishe d logo : 1mm 
  • Custom Metallic Transfer Label looks more 3d effect than uv transfer sticker
  • It can not make customized full colors, Can’t make gradient color 。The available metallic color we have :black , white ,silver ,gold ,champagne ,red, green,blue ,purple .
  • Fast Turnaround ,2-3days 
  1. Price : Custom Metallic Transfer Label is much expensive than Custom UV Transfer Sticker / Decal 
  2. Visual effect : Metal transfer stickers give people a better three-dimensional effect and a higher grade, which will remind you of your brand effect.
  3. The design : If the color of the printed document is too complex, metal transfer stickers cannot be made, then uv transfer stickers can only be made.
  4. Transfer stickers all have one thing in common, that is, the file should not be too complicated and should not have many small dots or lines. If the size is too small, we need to connect them all together with line.
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