Nickel Metallic Transfer Sticker Label With Strong Adhesive

What is 3D Metallic Transfer Sticker?

The 3D metal transfer sticker comprises nickel metal and boasts a robust adhesive backing. In contrast to vinyl stickers, this transfer sticker is crafted from nickel, a resilient and pliable metal renowned for its commendable resistance to corrosion.

It can make your logo brand look much brighter and valued .

This is  one of cheapest way to advertise your brand logo to let your potential  customers pay attention to .

Our metal transfer stickers can be applied to most smooth flat surfaces, such as glass, plastic, ceramics, metal sheets, wood panels, books, and more.



Details of 3D metal transfer labels

Material: Nickel

Printing Method: electroformed printing

Adhesive: 3M 7533/467 glue, stronger adhesion will not easily come off.

Thickness: 0.07~0.12 mm

Color: Solid color or multi-color can be produced


  1. 3D effect
  2. strong 3m adhesive on the back
  3. MOQ:100
  4. Very cheap if you order from our factory
  5. fast turnaround (3 days)
  6. free design service
  7. quality warranty (one year)
  8. The texture of metal stickers surpasses that of any other paper or PVC stickers by a significant margin


Contact with us for free samples to test!

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