Comparison of One-Sided Printed Beach Flags and Double-Sided Printed Beach Flags

There are two printing choices available for our teardrop banners, feather flags, and rectangular flags.

Single-Sided Beach Flags

The first option is a single-sided, mirror-reverse printing technique where the ink penetrates through the fabric, producing a mirror image of the artwork on the reverse side. Although the printed colors appear less vivid, the back of the fabric will display the design as shown in the accompanying image.

Double-Sided Beach Flags

The second option is double sided block-out, which involves printing on two separate pieces of block-out fabric using two different files for the front and back of the banner. Our special printing machine is used for printing double-sided flags, ensuring that the image on the reverse side remains hidden. The two pieces of fabric are then carefully stitched together, resulting in a double-sided flag where the design appears correctly on both sides. This option is slightly more expensive, but it ensures that your design will always be visible and facing the right way, regardless of wind direction. An accompanying image illustrates this technique.

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